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Rock Installation

Rock is long lasting, comes in many shapes, colors and different sizes and is also very low maintenance. For our new installations, we begin by laying a 6mil contractor grade plastic weed barrier down which covers the entire surface. Then we install 2-3” of rock to provide excellent coverage and a beautiful finish to your planting beds or foundation area.
Rock also brings a very eye appealing look to any home owner wishing to have a new look. We can also remove old rock out and haul it away and install new rock that may be a new color or perhaps a different size, whatever you choose we can make sure that it will look amazing and that you are completely satisfied.

Garden Design

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature. Our team will make sure things stay healthy and grow strong!


Shredded hardwood or mulch is an economical and natural organic choice for your planting beds or perhaps a new tree installment. Since hardwood mulch is a plant based product, it will eventually break down over a period of time. This amends the planting bed soil and keeps your landscaping looking new and fresh with new hardwood top dressed every other year or so. For our installations, we begin by laying a contractor grade fabric weed barrier or by putting down a pre-emergent herbicide. Then we install 3-4” of mulch for excellent coverage. And the results are fantastic and surely will get the attention of your neighbors.

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