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Snow Removal

Snow Removal

At Minn-Dak Turf & Maintenance we use a full spectrum of specialized snow removal equipment to ensure that every snow fall event is taken care of to reach the cleanest possible outcome. Each year we pre-visit customers and insert driveway markers to outline curbs and edges. This preventative procedure assures no damage will occur. We use nonmetal snow blower scraper blades and shoes on all of our equipment. We take property damage control very seriously. We strive to provide the best service in the shortest period of time. We cater to our customers specific clearing requests.

We ensure the total satisfaction of all our clients by following methodical processes and time-tested techniques when working on snow removal. Whether these jobs involve clearing small residential properties of snow or clearing snow on large residential estates after a severe snowstorm, we always guarantee the best results. We have countless satisfied customers across the region and a large number of repeat and referred clients too. This is a clear indication that clients trust us to provide them with the best services, each time they hire us. Snow can fall at any time of the day or night. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can service your driveway by 7am each day. For example, if the snow falls before midnight, we can clear for early am. If the snow falls into the early morning (2am-6am) we begin clearing throughout the day. Our main goal is to have all of our clients’ driveways cleared as promptly and safely as possible each snowfall. During ongoing continual snowstorms, we start clearing at a reasonable time taking into consideration the amount of snow that has fallen and the amount in the forecast. One time or seasonal agreements are available.

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